Awin introduces Bounceless Tracking and Tracking Optimization Plugin for publishers

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The tracking revolution is coming – be a part of the movement and the first to access Bounceless Tracking by activating Awin’s Tracking Optimization.

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By end of September, Awin will transform the affiliate tracking landscape with its introduction of Bounceless Tracking – a safe, secure and user-focused tracking method for publishers. This new tracking technology will only be available through Awin's Publisher MasterTag and to those publishers using the new Tracking Optimization plugin.

Awin is taking a radically different approach to tracking by handing control to publishers regarding how they link to an advertiser’s site. Traditionally, tracking is determined by the integration of Awin tracking on the advertiser’s site. Now for the first time, publishers can influence the tracking methods with the Tracking Optimization plugin to ensure that clicks and sales are dynamically being tracked on the most-accurate tracking method available for specific advertisers, publishers and consumers. One of these new methods includes Bounceless Tracking.

Bounceless Tracking removes the network redirect so the user is sent directly from the publisher to the advertiser. The tracking call is then made in the background by the Publisher MasterTag to Awin. The only requirement for Bounceless Tracking is that the publisher and the advertiser are both using their respective MasterTags.

While Bounceless Tracking offers a new tracking method for publishers, the real brains behind the operation is Awin’s Tracking Optimization plugin for the Publisher MasterTag. This plugin selects the best linking method per click to ensure the highest chance of successful tracking with the greatest amount of visibility over tracking data, including the referrer URL. Tracking Optimization is available to activate today and guarantees first access to Bounceless Tracking when released later this month.

Currently, the plugin is solely being used to measure the tracking accuracy of Awin affiliate links and, at this time, does not affect your website’s appearance or functionality. These measurements are helping our engineers to fine tune Bounceless Tracking. The more publishers using the plugin, the sooner we can release it. By activating the plugin, you can be part of the Awin team changing the affiliate landscape and giving control to publishers. Once Bounceless Tracking is released, the Tracking Optimization plugin will start to improve your links to guarantee the most-accurate tracking method for every visitor to your site.

Awin puts privacy and ethics at the very center of if its product development. This is made much easier due to affiliate marketing’s data-light model and the fact that we do not perform any user profiling. We feel our strong stance on privacy and the removal of the network redirect with Bounceless Tracking should satisfy privacy-conscious consumers and browsers. However, one thing is for certain; privacy requirements, practices and standards will continue to evolve just as Awin will continue to develop its tracking technology in an ethical, privacy-focused way.

Get ready for the affiliate revolution and Bounceless Tracking, activate Awin’s Tracking Optimization plugin now. The plugin can be activated in the Publisher MasterTag control panel. More details can be found on our wiki.

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