Hello 2019: Introducing Awin’s Seasonal Calendar

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Start this year on the right foot by staying informed with Awin’s  2019 seasonal calendar.

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We understand how challenging it can be to effectively manage your time in the current fast-paced world of digital – between jobs and personal lives, it can sometimes feel that there’s no opportunity to step back from it all and properly plan for the upcoming year's activities. That’s why each year we compile our seasonal calendar to assist our partners in making a jam-packed year a little bit easier. Our 2019 calendar, which has key dates marked throughout the year, is now ready for download.

Click here to download our  US 2019 Seasonal Calendar

The calendar provides information on: 

Awin events 

Following the successes of last year, throughout 2019 we will continue to host varying Awin events like ThinkTank, partnership days, and networking and social events. We always welcome our partners to join, so look out for updates regarding registration for these events via our social channels, or by signing up to our Market Insights or publisher and advertiser newsletters

Sponsorships and industry events  

As a new addition for the calendar this year, we have included all events that we will be sponsoring, allowing our partners to have visibility on which events Awin is present at. We will provide more details on our participation closer to the dates via our social channels and in our newsletters. We also include wider industry events that may be of interest. 

National seasonal holidays and promotions

We have also listed national holidays and any seasonal or sporting events, so you have a full overview of 2019 in one place. Additionally, we included details of upcoming advertiser and publisher newsletters where we push promotions and incentives during these periods, so you can proactively prepare your seasonal campaigns with Awin.

If you’d like to know more about any of the US events we will be hosting or attending during 2019, get in contact with our marketing team. For any inquiries about our events globally, get in contact with our global events team.

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