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Working students explain the appeal of #LifeatAwin and its inclusive culture, and how increased flexibility enables them to better balance their studies.

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Interns and working students are able to apply for roles across the company, and we encourage all candidates with a strong ‘can-do’ attitude and an appetite to learn to apply. With additional opportunities to extend the program and graduate into full contracts, working students are able to embrace working life including employee benefits, e.g. language courses, volunteer days and a flexible working whenever-wherever policy.

We reached out to current working students to explore how Awin’s flexible working policies have benefitted their studies, and to understand what impact remote working has had on their experiences of workplace culture, inclusivity and personal development.

How has the 4-day work week pilot and Awin’s flexible working policies affected your work-life balance?

The 4-day work week has enabled students to manage their time effectively and utilize the extra day to support their studies. Teodoro Vicente, a Sales Operations intern in Spain, has been able to balance his work, educational and personal projects: “Thanks to the flexibility of Awin's internship program, I can continue studying and working, which makes me feel fulfilled and satisfied to have the time to carry out all my personal and professional projects.”

The ability to choose how to split the working week has bolstered productivity and employee morale. Inesa Soghoyan, a Global Account Management Intern in London, states the recognition of work-life balance, “has allowed me to not only pursue my personal hobbies which I have been meaning to pursue for a long time, but I am also more productive and energetic at work and excited to take on new challenges.”

Fabian Gebauer, a current Working Student in Berlin, has appreciated the welfare benefits of a flexible working week: "I definitely enjoy how Awin treats its employees, especially with regard to physical and mental health care, and also the possibility to handle both my job at Awin and my master studies in a quite flexible way.”

How has Awin helped you adapt to remote working?

Embarking on a new role for a new company is challenging, especially when it is completely virtual. During the pandemic restrictions, Awin has continued to offer its working student programs and internships.

George William-Sales, Junior Account Consultant in London, started his Awin journey remotely: “I settled into the work environment instantaneously. My team was very welcoming and supportive which enabled me to settle in quickly.”

As part of the remote working package, all Awin employees are granted a financial Remote Working Allowance and IT equipment package to facilitate and ease the onboarding process.

Although remote working has widely been well received, it can be isolating and surreal when joining a new company. To safeguard staff welfare and to provide employee support, Awin has started to open offices (in areas where national restrictions are easing) for those wishing to meet colleagues or to escape the home office. Teodoro Vicente has appreciated the option for employees to enter the office: “I started my training in March with a face-to-face onboarding session. I was given my laptop and tools to be able to work from home. I try to come to the office at least once a week to familiarize myself with the office and some of the team. Despite working remotely, I feel integrated and participate in the different activities they propose.”

Have you been able to experience Awin’s culture?

Awin continuously promotes cross-company collaboration and employee integration, inviting all employees to engage and partake in cultural activities. From fitness workouts, to wellness webinars, drawing, cook-a-longs and employee bingo, Awin strives to support the working community.

Fabian Gebauer feels he has been able to experience Awin culture, despite working remotely: “I really enjoy Awin's way of setting up and constantly improving an employee-friendly, open-minded, social working environment and culture. I feel like it is important to the whole company that employees feel comfortable and safe. To mention only one example, I really appreciated Awin's engagement regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Employee feedback, from all levels and territories, is vital to maintaining a close working community. Awin has established multiple taskforces to support employee initiatives and to ensure it is listening to the needs of all staff.

Inesa Soghoyan continues: “Culture at Awin is unique because there is a mutual sense of responsibility to improve services and create value for everyone. Awin is always growing and working on a new initiative that fits my own personality. I can say I am an ambassador for Awin because of how close the companies values are to mine, I am always talking about the company at my university and have managed to get peers of mine to apply to the company.”

Has your work experience contributed to your ongoing career aspirations?

Work placements are invaluable when it comes to personal growth and deciding next steps for career paths. Yana Bogina, a Working Student for the Global Publisher Team, supports this: “I suppose that when you see yourself growing it is the biggest motivation to move forward. You're growing as you're learning and practicing. This is what is happening with me: The more I am involved, working on projects or tasks, I see growth and that's the most valuable experience.”

Awin’s internships enable students to fully delve into company life and project experience. Remote working has placed more importance on effective communications and time management. Teodoro explains his, “main objective was to learn how a multinational company is organized and works. Awin is perfect as it is allowing me to learn how to work with different departments and how information flows between them in an international environment.”

Describe #LifeatAwin in three words:

Flexible, innovative and supportive.

Flexibility topped the polls from our working student survey, followed by common themes of innovation and employee support. As a global company operating remotely, it is essential that we can cater to employees across all levels. From care packages to Awin Board updates, Awin offers transparency, inviting employees to collaborate to drive the business forward.

Working students continue to play a huge role within Awin’s development and culture. If you would like to join the team, take a look at the vacancies here.

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