Publisher Tutorials launch making affiliate marketing even easier

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Awin launches video guides to integrate the Publisher MasterTag on SquareSpace, Wix or WordPress.

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Awin’s Publisher MasterTag helps affiliates maximize the commissions they can make on the network. The tracking gold standard, it offers free to use Awin tools and opens the doors to a variety of third-party plugins designed to boost the performance of your publisher site.

Although the wiki gives general guidance on installation, some publishers still find technical implementation difficult. As part of our drive to make affiliate marketing as easy as possible, we’re launching three new websites to help you if your publisher sites are built using SquareSpace, Wix or WordPress.

Taking the three most popular publisher content platforms, you can now see how to correctly install the Publisher MasterTag and the Awin created tools.

Bounceless Tracking

Only available through Awin’s Tracking Optimization Plugin. The complete publisher tracking solution, designed with privacy in mind for the modern cookieless web, can be simply turned on in the Awin interface once the Publisher MasterTag has been implemented. MarTech tracking typically redirects a click through its network before the user arrives at their desired page. Bounceless Tracking’s modern approach increases user experience by removing the need to redirect the click, sending the user to the point of the purchase significantly quicker.


This plugin takes the stress out of affiliate link creation by automatically changing the URL of a link to a tracking link when the user clicks it. This allows you to focus on the content while using regular links on your site; if they belong to an Awin advertiser, then Convert-a-Link will do the rest.


Affiliate disclosure is a hot topic that many affiliates still don’t understand. adMission is Awin’s disclosure plugin, designed to offer publishers the flexibility to comply with their local regulatory guidelines around advertising and sponsorship disclosure, while removing the headache of appending each link.

Fully customizable disclosure notifications and a link append (e.g.*) that works for any paid link make sure that customers are kept informed.

The three sites are identical in content, only differing in the specific back-end steps required for each specific platform. Alongside instructions on how to install the Publisher MasterTag and its core plugins, there are video walkthroughs so you can see the exact steps you will need to take for a successful integration.


Made in SquareSpace version 7.1. It seems that earlier versions of SquareSpace may have given slightly more control, however, users of older versions should still be able to navigate around to the correct options with the same guides.


The Wix site uses a standard template with no extra plugins or resources.

Note: adMission’s page level disclosure could only be displayed at the very top of a SquareSpace and Wix page, although previous versions of SquareSpace may give more controlWhile the link append feature works as expected, the placement of the disclosure on these sites may not correspond with your local regulationsAwin recommends that all publishers check with their local guidelines on the correct way to display disclosure. 


Awin already has a Publisher MasterTag plugin for WordPress, which makes installation even easier. The site uses Colibri editor, which gives a cleaner front end to edit some of the page design options. Installation of the plugin and adMission are done through the WordPress admin area and will be the same steps, although your view may differ slightly.

Note: WordPress offers the highest amount of flexibility of the three sites in terms of placing adMissions page level disclosure. In this example it is placed at the top of the page, but WordPress gives the option to place the code in any of your template files. As such, it may require a little trial and error to find the correct placement so that it complies with your local regulations. 

All publishers are also encouraged to visit the Publisher Success Center for further help, guides and tips on how to get the most out of your Awin publisher program.

If you run, or are thinking of opening a publisher account on any of these platforms, then join us for a set of webinars exploring the Publisher MasterTag and the tools it can bring to your website. Registration is free and you can sign up for any of the webinars here.

Webinar dates:

Awin’s Publisher MasterTag and SquareSpace: Tuesday, July 13th at 10:00am EST

Awin’s Publisher MasterTag and Wix: Wednesday, July 14th at 10:00am EST

Awin’s Publisher MasterTag and WordPress: Thursday, July 15th at 10:00am EST

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