Compliance & FTC Regulation Webinar

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This webinar provides a unique insider view of FTC regulations and guidelines.

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Relevant to both advertisers and publishers, this webinar examines:

  • The current state of FTC regulations and requirements
  • Real-life disclosure examples: What to do/ what not to do
  • Consequences for both advertiser and publishers for failure to comply

Meet the hosts

Bill Rothbard specializes in FTC advertising law and will help you manage and mitigate the legal risk in your next digital marketing or advertising campaign. With more than three decades of experience in the Advertising and Direct Response industries as an Attorney and former Senior Staff Official with the Federal Trade Commission, Bill can expertly guide you through the maze of legal issues that have become an everyday reality in the online and direct response advertising business.

Jeannine Crooks is Awin US' partner acquisition manager and a member of the PMA compliance council, which has granted her first-hand experience in FTC regulation-related issues – including testifying on behalf of the PMA in court.  

 Questions? Please contact Jeannine. Click here to view past webinars. 

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