Connect with Awin at Modern Retail Summit LIVE

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Discover how Awin helps retailers utilize data led multi-touch attribution to accurately measure marketing spend and achieve 16:1 ROAS.

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2021 has seen the effects of the pandemic continue to bring about both growth and trials for the retail industry. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, two-thirds of respondents cited the growth of omnichannel and digital shopping as the industry’s most significant trend—and greatest challenge. Additionally, the Awin Report 2021 highlights how while businesses continue to reboot their marketing efforts in 2021 and are forced to relearn their internal marketing blends, accessing honest, transparent, attributed data is utterly essential and will become further democratized.

As the largest global online marketing platform, Awin enables affiliate channel performance alongside a data led multi-touch attribution to accurately measure marketing spend, helping ecommerce retailers achieve incremental revenue growth through marketing spend tied directly to sales performance at 16:1 ROAS. Connect with us at Modern Retail Summit LIVE to learn how we can drive optimal results for your business with our unique approach and innovative solutions.

Ways to connect:

Can’t make it to Modern Retail Summit LIVE? Our team will also be attending AdWorld 2021 May 3-5 2021. Message us on the event platform or request a meeting via email.

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