Are you mitigating the impact of ITP with Awin’s server-to-server tracking?

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As ITP 2.1 moves out of beta, Awin calculates its exposure and seeks to recover lost commissions from advertisers who do not comply with the tracking policy.

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On March 26, Apple started the global roll out of ITP2.1 with the iOS 12.2 update. Since the beta release of ITP2.1, Awin has been working hard to understand the effect this will have on transactions through its network and mitigate as much of this impact as possible.

Awin is actively working to ensure all advertisers have a multi-layered approach to tracking, utilizing both first-party cookies and server-to-server. As the majority of Safari sales occur within seven days, the disruption caused by ITP2.1 will be minimal. This can be fully mitigated by advertisers employing Awin’s full-tracking solution, not only preventing the loss of transactions from ITP but also safeguarding affiliate programs from further changes that undermine browser-based tracking methods.

As an affiliate network, Awin has a responsibility to publishers to ensure they receive correct payment for the traffic and conversions they generate. Likewise, advertisers are reliant on accurate and reliable sale reporting. However where Awin’s solution has yet to be implemented, lost commissions will be recouped on behalf of the publishers.

If you are unsure about your tracking setup or would like to find out more about the recouping of lost publisher commissions, please get in touch with your account manager. 

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