78% of influencers admit to suffering burnout

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With creator burnout on the rise, Awin's research uncovers 72% of influencers cite constant platform changes as a leading cause of anxiety.

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A large group of UK and US influencers who are partnered with the global Awin platform were selected for this study. The results reveal an overwhelming majority of Awin's content creators are suffering from burnout. Instagram users are experiencing the highest levels of stress and anxiety when compared to other social media platforms, with 71% of respondents who use the platform saying they experience burnout, 50% of whom say they feel significant levels of burnout.

Over half (56%) of the respondents acknowledge the pandemic has increased levels of burnout, while 53% admit their passion for content creation has decreased in the past year. More worryingly, about two-thirds (66%) of the surveyed content creators say burnout is impacting their mental health, driving just under half (49%) to rely on alternative income streams to alleviate the stress and anxiety.

What's driving such high levels of burnout among content creators? Constant platform changes are cited as the leading cause of anxiety at 72%. However, when asked which method of coping is most helpful, more than half (54%) say resources available from the platform have been no help at all. The majority of respondents across multiple platforms don’t think platforms are providing enough resources, including a staggering number of Instagram users saying no (87%).

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