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Increase your income in 2020 by driving traffic to Fiverr® – the world’s largest marketplace for digital services.

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Fiverr Affiliates program is an in-house affiliate program of Fiverr®. It's a way for partners to earn commission by promoting services on through a shareable link. Publishers can promote all of Fiverr’s services including: Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn from Fiverr, and AND CO and be paid for every first-time buyer with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution. (* First-Time-Buyers (FTBs) are users who have made their first order on Fiverr.)

New buyers who publishers refer will be assigned to their account and payments will be sent directly to their PayPal or bank account.

How is Fiverr preparing for the new privacy and data protection changes resulting from the California Consumer Privacy Act?

We made some changes to better reflect our compliance with the CCPA, as a Service Provider of a Business entity regulated under the CCPA. Among other things, we guarantee that we do not sell the personal information submitted by our customers to our services, and that such submission in itself will not be deemed as “selling” this information to us.

 How has working in affiliate enhanced Fiverr’s digital marketing presence?

Our affiliates are working on the frontier of Fiverr growth efforts. They are usually the first ones to discover potential thematic lines of services and promote them. Our affiliates are the first one to test and share lists of best Fiverr GIGs per certain thematic. A lot of changes done at Fiverr are the result of insights delivered by our partners. We love our partners.

What are benefits for publishers working with Fiverr?

The main benefit is the wide range of services that’re available for marketing. Via Fiverr Affiliates you can promote over 200 sub-categories that’re live at It gives you the power to work with wide range of audiences.

Almost any site/page or Youtube/Twitch video can drive traffic to Fiverr. You can refer directly to any sub-category relevant for your audience, to any GIG, search results page or to the Fiverr homepage.

Why did you join Awin?

Awin is one of the biggest affiliate programs. “Crème de la crèm” of the affiliate ecosystem. It was the reason why we joined Awin. We wanted to get the best service and to work with the best publishers.

What are some of your favorite features of the Awin platform?

Our most favorite feature of the Awin platform is an unprecedented level of customer support. When you manage so many publishers as we are – it’s the most important feature!

How is Fiverr focusing on driving more affiliate growth in 2020?

At Fiverr Affiliates we are providing our affiliates with the access to Fiverr’s massive categories inventory that will continue to expand in 2020. We are making all the new categories be available for affiliate marketing. Except of it, we recently launched The Ultimate Affiliate Toolkit. The toolkit is the series of thematic stores. It provides our affiliates with the list of handpicked services that they can use to push their blog forward, to grow their YouTube channel and to manage their Facebook and Instagram social media presence. To read more about the toolkit and to actually use it, click here.

Interested in partnering with Fiverr? Please contact Fiverr Affiliates team at or Sahil at

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