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Savings United is the leading coupon code solution for premium media groups, connecting smart shoppers with top brands in a trustworthy environment.

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Savings United publisher spotlight | Awin

Savings United's mission is committed to supporting publishing houses by creating a supplementary revenue stream and strengthening their offers to readers, helping users have an exceptionally satisfying shopping experience, providing advertisers with innovative means of converting users into customers, making Savings United the best place to work for highly-skilled professionals.

Why and when was Savings United created?

Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2012, Savings United started out as an international coupon site. As time went on, we saw an opportunity to deliver a new incremental revenue stream for premium media houses. Now, our content adjacent coupon platforms connect advertisers with smart shoppers through premium media publisher websites. In doing so, we provide advertisers with the opportunity to partner with trustworthy, popular content sites in a brand-safe way to increase their visibility with a new audience of savvy shoppers to boost revenue.

In what way does Savings United utilize Affiliate Marketing?

Savings United partners with media companies to develop coupon platforms that sit alongside and have the same look and feel as their primary site. Once the platform has been launched, we are responsible for the day-to-day operations and relationship management of the site. We find the top US advertisers to work with, ensuring that they are on-brand with our partner, and operate as a typical publisher in an advertiser's affiliate program.

What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience?

Deal seekers shop across a range of categories. We find that fashion, travel and electronic goods are often popular. However, we are open to working with high quality US advertisers across all verticals, but we find that brands who offer consistent coupons tend to perform the best.

How does Savings United differentiate itself from competitors in the affiliate space?

Savings United helps media companies to be an integrated part of the performance marketing ecosystem, and connects smart shoppers with handpicked brands in the digital coupon arena.

Our content adjacent coupon sites, combine our proven expertise in the market with the trustworthiness and high journalistic standards of premium media companies.

Our partnerships offer a brand-safe environment where advertisers engage a new audience of smart shoppers. At the same time, we help savvy customers enjoy a reassuring and exciting shopping experience.

What is the best way that an advertiser can help support their partnership with you?

We find that advertisers see the best performance when they work closely with us and develop nuanced coupon code strategies. This means working with us so that we can create a customized coupon package for advertisers and using coupon codes in a targeted way such as using stretch and save discounts in order to increase average basket value, or rewarding shoppers with a free gift card in exchange for a minimum purchase.

Why did you join the Awin and ShareASale networks, and what features do you enjoy?

When we launched in the US, we joined the top affiliate networks so we could partner with leading brands. Historically, Savings United has a close relationship with Awin in some of our other global markets, including Spain and the UK. We consider Awin and ShareASale to be important players in the US market. In addition to their technology and sharing of market insights, they also have outstanding account management and publisher support teams who have been instrumental to our success on both networks.

Has there been a pivotal shift or turning point in your affiliate activities within the last 12 months? If so, what was it?

Following our successful trajectory in the European coupon arena, we entered the US in Q4 2018 with our premium US media partners. We have six live projects including platforms with PC World and Wired among others.

As an international business, Savings United’s global presence allows us to deliver additional value and opportunities to advertisers across a number of markets.

Interested in partnering with Savings United? Please contact our publisher management team.

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