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Shopicks was selected for Awin’s June 2017 publisher spotlight because of their one-of-a-kind shopping platform that allows users to save their favorite items from any ecommerce store, all in one place. With more than 10 million products saved from over 32,000 stores worldwide and an average 1 million new products saved each month, Shopicks has performed particularly well with Awin fashion brands like Missguided, SHOWPO, Zaful, and Pretty Little Thing.

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Publisher Spotlight Shopicks

Shopicks has identified an untapped space between browsing and buying. Can you discuss how you identified this untapped space and why you decided to address it?


We realized that online shoppers who want to save items they find for a later decision had no good solution. Likewise, for retailers, shoppers move rapidly past items and don’t come back to them. It’s not easy for consumers to remember where they saw that item, what the brand was, the price, etc. Both are gaps Shopicks closes.

Shopicks creates the optimum shopping experience for consumers and retailers together by allowing users to save items until they are ready to purchase, and for retailers the opportunity to keep their items relevant and in front of consumers for an unlimited amount of time.

Simplicity and usability seem to be ingrained in the foundation of Shopicks. How do you ensure Shopicks is as user-friendly as it is?

Absolutely. We want to first maintain the retailer’s site as is, entirely uninterrupted, while providing the most native, intuitive experience for the consumer during their browsing experience. Users only activate Shopicks when they indicate they want to save an item. Users choose to use Shopicks; many of our features are in place today from user requests.

Beyond usability, how does Shopicks enhance the consumer shopping experience?

Shopicks allows users to create their own space online to save each and every item they are considering. They receive sale alerts when an item’s price goes down, and they can engage in social shopping with friends by sharing their collections and getting advice and feedback on their items.

What are benefits for advertisers and brands that work with Shopicks?

There are many benefits, including the ability to appear on our Start Shopping page, emails, blog, etc.

Why did you decide to join the Awin network and what features do you enjoy?

We joined Awin because of  the vast number of advertisers our users love that belong to the network. One of our favorite features is the Awin reporting system, specifically how we can see our performance by country and by advertiser, and  when we get our affiliate links in the emails. Helps us a lot!

Interested in partnering with Shopicks? Please contact Arielle at Shopicks or our publisher management team.

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