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Shoptagr is a website that notifies you the instant there's a better price on items that you just can't stop thinking about.

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Save products straight from your favorite store and Shoptagr will keep track of it. It works everywhere you shop - from big brands to luxury boutiques, anywhere in the world. Not only does it save your favorite products in one place, but Shoptagr can find coupons codes so that you never miss out on savings.

Why and when was Shoptagr created? 

Our founders were tired of missing out on the amazing sales or promotions that would be going on or when items they had their eyes on went out of stock in their size/color or if the prices changed! So 3 years ago they decided to go all in and create the smartest shopping assistant to save us from these sad stories! 

In what way does Shoptagr utilize Affiliate Marketing?

We get to partner with brands our users love by pushing them in our Newsletters, In-app messages, push notifications, and much more!

What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience? 

Our audience is made up of savvy, smart, and organized shoppers who plan ahead for their purchase. They could either be waiting for an item to have a super competitive coupon code attached, or not price sensitive, but in fact waiting for their coveted item to come back in stock, or simply save an item so when Pay-Day rolls around they remember what they wanted to purchase.

How does Shoptagr differentiate itself from competitors in the affiliate space? 

Shoptagr focuses on the pre-purchase journey and has specialized in the shopping assistant space for years! We allow them the freedom to shop across all of their devices on over 4K online stores. They get to choose which item down to the size and color they want to be notified about, whether it’s a velvet green sofa or a pair of bespoke Air Force One’s.

What are the key factors in determining which programs to join and what do you look for in an advertiser partner?

We look for Advertisers who are interested in reaching a fast-growing and engaged global audience who is open for creative opportunities such as an Ad Campaign, launching unique Coupon Codes, Giveaways, etc.

What are the benefits for advertisers working with Shoptagr?  

Once we support your online store it’s the nature of our business that all 1.2M+ users will be able to save items down to their preferred size/color and receive instant notifications of inventory levels or price changes - now that’s keeping a brand top-of-mind! We more than double year over year and as we grow so do our partnered Advertisers!
What is the best way that an advertiser can help support their partnership with you?

By keeping us in the loop of promos, exclusive collaborations, etc. If they’re looking for that extra boost our Ad Packages are the best route to take.

Why did you join the Awin and ShareASale networks, and what features do you enjoy?

 I enjoy the number of global partnerships and ease of applying and visually seeing who the brand is and what they’re about. 

Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches, or exciting news you would like to share?

We have an updated look across all platforms for a better experience. There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline, but that’s all I can say for now. ;-) So stay tuned!
Has there been a pivotal shift or turning point in your affiliate activities within the last 12 months? If so, what was it? 

Our Brand Ad Packages and the value our sponsored partners are receiving. The variety of ways we keep brands top-of-mind and push them towards our millennial-focused user base has been an incredible shift in what we can offer our Advertisers and members. We are creating more and more features to stay on the cutting edge technology of shopping-assistants!

Interested in partnering with Shoptagr? Please contact our publisher management team.

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