US back-to-school shopping trends recap

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Last month, we analyzed major learnings from the 2017 back-to-school season across Awin and ShareASale to share key insights and shopping patterns to help optimize client activity during this time. With this year’s back-to-school shopping period officially behind us, we’ve studied the latest Awin and ShareASale network data to report on key shopping activity and trends for 2018.

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Key learnings from the data show a 12% increase in total sales, which supports our hypothesis this would once again be a peak sales period in the US. Drilling down to specific advertiser verticals, Books advertisers saw the greatest uplift, with a 190% increase in revenue generated during back to school.

Examining publisher activity for the period, there was a 69% increase in average order value (AOV) for transactions made with a coupon and a 38% increase in total sales generated by discount and promotion publishers. Additionally, mobile continued to have its hold on market share activity, with 23% of total transactions occurring on smartphones.

To see our full data recap of back-to-school 2018 activity, please complete the download form below.  To read our back-to-school trends whitepaper, please click here

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