Awin introduces Commission Flexibility for more dynamic and customised publisher payouts

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Learn how Awin's Commission Flexibility allows you to reward publisher activity based on a variety of factors that best meet your channel goals.

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As discussed in our last blog post, a commission structure should consist of paying the publisher fairly while considering the profitability of your business.

Different partnerships have different ways of achieving your business objectives. Your main goal should be to help these partners achieve theirs: promoting your brand. In addition, commission levels can be determined by aspects such as customer lifetime value, the value of a new versus an existing customer, basket value and margins.

Sound like there is a lot to think about? Well, the good news is that this complexity can be easily mapped out with the help of Commission Flexibility.

What is Commission Flexibility?

Commission Flexibility is a feature of the commission manager that enables advertisers to set additional conditions for their commission groups. It allows for a more dynamic and customised commission setup based on terms that best fit the objectives of your programme.

This means that there are no limits to your own creativity because you can place commission on individual parameters and options within the tracking code. Awin offers standardised commissionable values such as Custom Parameter, Product ID or Product Category.

Let’s say you are a travel advertiser passing geographical locations in custom parameters, you can increase commission on sales from specific regions to increase your market share. Want to boost your product launch? No problem, by increasing the commission for a specific Product ID or Category, you can incentivise publishers to promote your new products. Trying to drive your Black Friday campaign and increase the commission on your best deals? With Commission Flexibility, you can easily adjust the commission level for all Black Friday products.

How does it work?

Using Commission Flexibility is very simple. Once the feature is enabled for your programme (talk to your account manager to activate it), you can pay commissions on all the parameters you pass in your tracking code.

There are various ways to utilise Commission Flexibility for your programme:

  • Commission by Custom Parameter
    • You can use custom parameters (additional data points) to get better insights into the performance of your programme and pay different commissions for each parameter.
  • Commission by Product Category
    • Advertisers using Product Level Tracking already pass additional product-related data that they now can pay commission on. This is especially useful where different products or product groups have different margins and therefore a more differentiated commission structure makes sense.
  • Commission by Product ID
    • Commissioning based on a product is very popular among advertisers, particularly for new product launches, campaigns or encouraging publishers to promote specific products. Use commission by product ID functionality to change the publisher commission based on the products that the consumer has bought.
  • Commission by New vs. Existing customers
    • Pay commissions for what you value more: either acquiring new customers or maintaining relationships with loyal customers.

Once the feature is enabled you will be able to set up your commission groups adding as many conditions as you need:Interface demonstration of commission flexibilityAfter selecting the condition type, first choose between "in list", "starts/ends with" or "contains". Second, add the data points from your tracking code that you want to assign to your commission group. Third, order the commission groups and you are all set.

Remember that each commission group should have at least one condition.Commission flexibilityBy introducing a more flexible commission structure publishers are no longer paid for driving sales only but also for their ability to achieve a higher AOV, attract new customers and promote selected products.

In summary, Commission Flexibility can be easily combined with setting individual commission rates for publishers. Our commission management tools allow you to reward publisher activity based on a variety of factors and give you the flexibility to best achieve your channel goals.

All you need to do to enable Commission Flexibility is to talk to your account manager.

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