Smarter Click, Carphone Warehouse and Awin: Award winning personalisation

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With the objective of increasing sales volumes and reducing abandonment through personalised customer journeys, an award-winning strategy was executed.

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Smarter Click, Carphone Warehouse and Awin teamed up towards the end of 2018 with the objectives of increasing sales volumes and reducing abandonment. They aimed to achieve this by providing users with a more personalised journey and creating a sense of urgency for time limited offers during Cyber Monday rather than simply providing the user with an incentive or discount.

This campaign went on to win Best in Technology and Telecoms at the 2019 Performance Marketing Awards and the International Performance Marketing Awards

The Results

  • 70% increase in Carphone Warehouse YoY Cyber Monday sales (target: 40%)
  • 60% of all handset sales throughout the campaign were trading priority products (target: over 50%)
  • Diversification of the publisher mix with Smarter Click becoming an established technology partner on the programme

The client mentioned that:

To achieve such non-incentivised sales volumes spoke to Smarter Click’s ability to help us provide a great online experience for our customers, and to enable us to connect them with the products and services they require.’

Smarter Overlays: An Innovative and Effective Solution

Smarter Click developed a bespoke product that could be used across multiple devices to ensure users who displayed exit intent remained engaged with the Carphone Warehouse website. This ensured Smarter Click were able to target users on-site with personalised messaging according to what they were previously viewing on the Carphone Warehouse website. Users were therefore delivered overlays that showed offers specific to the handset or product they were browsing.

Awin utilised custom parameter real time reporting to monitor the performance of trading priority handsets, and which publishers were delivering performance for these. Smarter Click became a significant publisher during Cyber Monday and have continued to be a valuable partner in promoting Carphone Warehouse products and offers.

The Human Touch

In developing these campaigns, Smarter Click worked collaboratively with Carphone Warehouse and Awin to establish key objectives, understand existing onsite behaviour and building campaign ideas. All teams partook in a ‘bonding afternoon’ which helped establish a comfortable partnership  while Smarter Click impressively executed the first campaign within 48 hours of sign off.

A Valuable Partnership in 2019

The collective team effort has fostered further positive collaborative work between the three teams. Regular discussions and continued idea sharing has led to a range of creative campaigns in 2019.

A member of the Awin team has stated that:

‘It’s a solution we are continuing to use in a dynamic manner in line with Carphone Warehouse’s affiliate strategy’.

To learn more about the Carphone Warehouse affiliate programme, see here.

To learn more about working with Smarter Click, contact our Publisher Services team, see here.

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