Enviou on Black Friday in Brazil

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Staying up all night during the event,  Black Friday is a big deal for Brazilian publisher Enviou and their clients.

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Enviou’s Commercial Director Dyego Joia tells us his Black Friday predictions for the Brazilian market and gives insights into the company’s preparations for this year’s retail event.

 Hello everyone, my name is Dyego Joia from Enviou. As you all know Black Friday is coming up. Since 2010 Brazil has been stopping on this day to see special  deals and offers in online stores.

This year, sales are predicted to go up 50% compared to 2017 and our job here at Enviou is to make that happen.

On Black Friday we convert 20% of abandoned carts into sales and on top of that we have been promoting webinars with a lot of content to help a variety of storeowners. We tend to stay up all night at our office in order to monitor the activity together with our clients.

I want to congratulate Awin for all the work they have done and for promoting pre Black Friday events that enable us to better understand each advertiser’s strategy, giving us the opportunity to enhance our services for the clients in question.

And here’s a tip for all of you who are watching this video: make sure to plan all your marketing actions in advance and try to project the impact that the rising sales will have on your ecommerce activities.

That way clients won’t just purchase your products and return. Black Friday is an excellent way to show what makes you stand out and to offer customers a unique experience and promote customer fidelity.

Thanks for watching, I wish everyone a wonderful Black Friday with tons of sales.


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