Constantly reinventing HP’s affiliate program to bring new growth

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We're sharing the HP case study featured in The Awin Report 2019. 

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HP is a global brand with a reputation for creating cutting-edge technology solutions for an array of industries and sectors. The business’ philosophy to ‘keep reinventing’ is one that constantly pushes it forward, and is essential to its company culture and commercial success.

In working with Awin, HP found an affiliate network with a kindred spirit. Through proactive account management, the implementation of advanced tracking strategies, strategic placement planning, and innovative campaign tactics, Awin and HP have sustained the growth of their partnership and the success of their affiliate partners.

As a well-established brand with a long history of leading the market, the need to identify new opportunities for growth was of paramount importance to HP’s continued success. Therefore, HP challenged Awin in 2018 to cultivate a diverse base of affiliate partners to support their brand. The target for the team was to identify and recruit unorthodox affiliate partners that could deliver overall revenue growth of 20% to the program.

Leveraging Awin’s Coupon Attribution tool

One new aspect of Awin’s functionality that enabled the HP team to immediately capitalize on this objective was the launch of the network’s Coupon Attribution tool. The feature, which allows advertisers to offer exclusive codes to affiliates on platforms where conventional tracking isn’t viable, was used by HP to work with ReviTrage, a publisher that specializes in connecting brands with users on popular social and UGC platforms like Twitter and Reddit - an untapped resource for HP thus far.

The tool was also used as part of a creative hybrid media partnership with the huge media site CNET with much success.

Using established affiliates in an unconventional way

In addition to working with non-traditional affiliate types, the Awin team got creative with how they worked with some of their more established partners. In exchange for the #2 brand PPC spot behind HP, top publisher offered a direct marketing campaign via in-home mailer specialists ValPak that saw HP garner huge coverage across the US market.

“Coupon attribution provides a way to create an all-encompassing affiliate program and opens the door to unique partnerships which would otherwise be impossible." Austin Ratner, HP

Innovative partnerships in action

ReviTrage Coupon Attribution Campaign

Using Awin’s Coupon Attribution tool, ReviTrage were able to promote HP through their popular Twitter account and via a series of relevant community forums on Reddit, reaching a targeted segment of the social platforms’ huge and highly engaged audiences.

CNET Hybrid Media Campaign

Awin provided a unique coupon code and secured on-site exposure along with a full-page ad in the Spring 2018 edition of CNET magazine. Readers who viewed the ad on the magazine, and were influenced to make a purchase on, were attributed to the affiliate channel. ‘Back to School’ PPC Exchange

In exchange for brand PPC rights and a commission on sales, sent in-home mailers via their direct marketing partner ValPak to 37m households with a media value of $175,000.


Overall, the successes witnessed via these campaigns helped HP to continue to grow and develop their affiliate program and meet the target of generating a 20% revenue uplift for H1 YoY.

Thanks to these unconventional and experimental partnerships, Awin were able to support HP in constantly reinventing their approach to affiliate marketing, all while delivering this promotion at 33% above their target ROAS for the channel.

“The versatility of the Awin team and their product has been an incredible asset in shaping our promotions and growing our business." Michael Collins,

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