The Multi-Touch Twenties: Revamping affiliate attribution post-2020

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After a year of epic global disruption how can marketers take back some control? Multi-touch attribution points the way forward.

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Performance-based marketing has been one of the few bright spots in the wreckage COVID-19 wrought upon the advertising industry in 2020. As brand budgets sought refuge in the transparency the model offers, affiliate and partner marketing has been one of the beneficiaries of added interest and investment.
But with a majority of activity still being rewarded on a last-click basis, there are still question marks over the measurement of where true marketing value lies.
In Awin’s latest whitepaper, we explore some of the challenges posed by this age-old dilemma, explain why this year has placed new urgency on adopting multi-touch attribution models for the future, and demonstrate its benefits using real client data from those brands already doing so via SingleView - Awin’s attribution partner.  

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