Webinar: Revisiting how coronavirus is changing how we shop

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As the UK and rest of Europe entered their second month of COVID-19 lockdown, Awin examined how shopping habits are adapting.

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The coronavirus pandemic took hold of the UK in March. As the severity of the crisis increased, the public’s movements were gradually restricted with the whole of the nation being placed in lockdown on March 23.  At the beginning of April, Awin UK published a two-part article and webinar examining how COVID-19 is changing the way the European consumers shop, outlining 10 trends most prevalant throughout the online UK market.

One month later, society is growing even more accustomed to the current situation with consumers migrating online en masse for all of their purchase needs. As we are now relatively settled into this new way of life, how have UK habits and preferences adapted? What sub sectors are still experiencing large spikes in demand? And how did the Easter weekend affect our appetites? Our client partnerships team looks to answer these questions in the below webinar: 

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