Getting started on Awin: Payment details + advertiser programs

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In the next section of our new publisher interface training series, we're discussing  how to fill out and edit your payment details. 

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Completing payment details is crucial, as missing information means publishers will not be able to receive payment from Awin.  Additionally, we're reviewing  how to browse our advertiser directory and how to join an advertiser program. 

Payment details

To edit your payment details, hover over the Account tab and click Payment Details.

Updating your payment details

Visit the Payment Details page to update your bank account, check payment, tax details, and VAT registry details in your publisher account. If you are VAT registered, select Yes from the dropdown box – otherwise choose No. Please note, we are unable to pay VAT to businesses not registered in the United Kingdom.

  •  Enter your tax details and your bank account details for the account you wish to be paid to
  • Select whether you wish to be paid by BACS, check, or international wire transfer, and update your details as required
  • Click Update to save your changes

Advertiser directory + affiliate programs

To view all available advertisers, hover over the Advertisers tab and under Programs click Join Programs.

 Joining an advertiser program

  • Type the name of the advertiser you are looking for in the Search Advertisers bar and click the magnifying glass icon
  • If you do not have a specific advertiser in mind and want to browse the directory, you can use any of the filters on the left-hand side to refine your search
  • Next, you should view the details of an advertiser’s program (commission rates and terms and conditions, etc.) To do this, click on the advertiser’s name

This will bring you to the advertiser’s profile. Once you are happy with the selected advertiser, click Join Program to apply to the program. Similarly, you can apply to a program directly from the advertiser directory by clicking the plus icon in that row under Actions.

The advertiser or the advertiser’s Awin account manager will review your application and decide whether it will be approved. Your acceptance to that publisher program will remain pending until a decision is made, and you can view the status of your application by clicking the Pending tab.

Advertiser program rejections

There are three main reasons for not being approved to an advertiser program:

  • The advertiser is having trouble accessing your promotional site
  • The advertiser does not believe your site or method of promotion is a good fit for their brand
  • The description provided in your account does not meet their requirements

You should complete as many details as possible on how you intend to work as an Awin publisher in your account. Advertisers will be able to view these details when they consider whether to approve you onto your program and you are therefore less likely to get rejected for reasons you might want to question with the advertiser. When advertisers choose to reject publishers from their program they have the option to give a reason for this rejection. Should no explanation have been provided, you are welcome to contact the advertiser directly. Click the Send Email button at the top of the advertiser details page in your publisher account.

Re-applying to advertiser programs following a rejection

  • Go to advertiser page you’d like to reapply
  • Click Leave – this will be a greyed-out button on the top section of the program page
  • You can then reapply to the advertiser by clicking the plus sign icon in the right-hand corner of the screen below the advertiser’s logo

Automatic signup to advertiser programs

A small amount of retailers operate on an "auto-approve" method - meaning they accept all publishers onto their affiliate program. If you feature the tracking links of these retailers on your site and a visitor to your site clicks on them, you will automatically be joined to these retailers’ programs so you can earn commission.

To review how to complete your publisher profile, please click here. Up next, building links and finding creative!

Questions? Please contact our publisher management team.  

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