How to collaborate with other influencers

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Influencers are authorities within a specific niche that have a measurable persuasion over their following. 

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These could be bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, or users with a large Twitter following. Collaboration between content creators is a great way to develop professional relationships and achieve business goals.

Whether influencers are looking to boost blog traffic, reach a new audience or build authority and trust, influencers working with other influencers is an important marketing tactic. Collaborations are also an easy way to bring a fresh perspective to an audience.

So how do you make collaborations happen?

We’re sharing our top recommendations below.

Do your research

Before approaching any influencer, do your due diligence determine a niche and go through the list of people your followers are following. While scrolling, note those that stand out. Remember to look for influencers who have a similar or greater following than yours. The goal is to expose your blog to a wider audience. The influencer should either be active in a similar niche but have a different target audience, or be engaged in a completely different niche but share a similar target audience.

Another way to brainstorm possible collaborations is to look through users who fit your target audience criteria. Who is your ideal reader? Identify those individuals by participating in a Facebook blogger group or any niche-driven Facebook group. Browse through the member list or conversations to find engaged influencers. Usually content creators on Facebook groups are looking for feedback and ideas.

Brainstorm ideas that bring together both audiences

Some suggestions include:

  • Guest post: Guest posting allows each influencer to gain exposure to a brand-new audience, bringing a fresh perspective and new information to the site’s readers. For more recommendations on guest blogging, please click here.
  • Film a vlog: A vlog is great way for readers to get to know each respective influencer and their brand. Consider sharing favorite products, industry trends, unboxing/hauls and how-to videos. Don’t forget to include affiliate links. Click here for our tips on how to do this.
  • Conduct an interview:  Interviewing your partner content creator is a great way to introduce this new personality to your audience, sharing their unique opinion and experience straight from the source.
  • Hold a photoshoot: Conducting a photo shoot, either appearing together or separately, is an easy win for mentions on someone else’s Instagram or blog. This is especially valuable if the influencer is in the fashion niche.

Pitch your idea

Once you know who you’d like to partner with and what you’d like to do, it’s time to create and send your pitch. Your pitch should be thoughtfully planned. The message will best serve you when it’s strategic and centered around it is how mutually beneficial to develop a working relationship with each other – not just how it benefits your brand and personal thought leadership by exposing yourself to their follows. Articulate that value and you will be experience success with your pitch. 

Additionally, when sending your pitch, it is important to:

  • Be authentic:  Show you have done your research in to their messaging and brand, and be honest about what you like and why they should partner with you. This avoids from sounding salesy or like you have mass messaged them along with multiple other individuals.
  • Keep it short: Getting right to the point shows you’re confident in your ideas. Furthermore, tt also demonstrates you are respectful of this individual and realize their time is valuable - you don’t want to waste it with fluff or meaningless conversation.  

Working with another content partner is an excellent way to boost website traffic, increase SEO rankings, gain exposure to a new audience and develop a new professional relationship. For more recommendations on how to collaborate with other influencers, please contact our publisher management team.


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