Awin Talks: Ad disclosure discussion with Hashtag Ad Consulting

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We speak to online ad regulation expert Rupa Shah to find out what affiliates need to know about online disclosure.

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Online advertising regulation is a hot topic in the industry right now with disclosure a particularly vital one. Regulators across the world, including the UK’s ASA and the FTC in America, are taking action to ensure consumers are aware of the commercial relationships that exist between brands and their promoters. To get an expert view on why disclosure is an important topic to be aware of, as well as how regulators are having to adapt to the fast-moving pace of digital advertising, we spoke to Rupa Shah from the agency Hashtag Ad Consulting.

Rupa’s extensive experience working at the Advertising Standards Authority and her involvement in the development of the CAP Code mean she has a highly authoritative viewpoint on the topic, and our discussion with her is a particularly enlightening one for those interested in understanding the role of regulation in today’s industry.

With Awin’s launch of its affiliate disclosure tool, AdMission, this conversation provides context behind why the product launch is a necessary development for the network to release.

In addition to that, we spoke to Daniel Kocher from the German performance marketing agency Xpose360 for our Meet the Market segment, to find out more about what characterizes the digital and affiliate marketing in Germany. Remember, you can download The Awin Report 2020 for more in-depth insights on this market.

Finally, co-hosts Kevin and Rob also highlight some of the latest content published by Awin, including our recent webinar recording on the difficult datapoints our tech partners can help you measure.

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