Awin Talks: Industry interviews with Miya Knights from Eagle Eye Solutions and Chris Johnson from Smarter Click

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On this month’s episode of Awin Talks, we interview Miya Knights of Eagle Eye Solutions and Chris Johnson of Smarter Click.

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With the onset of Covid-19 causing huge disruption to retail and underlining the need for businesses to embrace digital technology, this month’s interview with Miya Knights came at an opportune time. Miya’s role as head of industry insight at Eagle Eye Solutions, a technology platform that helps brands engage customers across multiple channels – both online and offline, meant she was able to offer some analytical insights on the convergence of these two experiences.  

 It’s a theme Miya discussed at length in her featured article in this year’s Awin Report and was able to elaborate on many of the points she made in that editorial during our conversation, as well as speculated on the potential implications that coronavirus might have on the brick and mortar retail world.   

Our guest co-host Luisa Richardson, from our UK new business team, then spoke to Chris Johnson, operations director at Smarter Click, discussing his extensive experiences working in the affiliate industry and what the technology solution’s brand new Smarter Codes product can offer its brand partners.      

Additionally, Kevin, Rob and Luisa discuss the impact coronavirus has already had on some of the consumer trends Awin’s platform has been tracking in recent weeks.  Furhtermore, n conjunction with a recent Awin Thoughts piece published by the team, they also discuss the importance of trust and transparency in the affiliate world at a time when an overabundance of information has led the World Health Organization to label the phenomenon an ‘infodemic’ ... something that has made battling coronavirus that much more difficult. 

For more information on COVID-19, please visit our information hub where we bring you the latest news from Awin, as well as links to network insights and useful pointers, alongside wider updates.  

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