Case study: The value of influence payment

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Being a channel that is primed on conversion, publishers have excelled at being in a position to receive the final click.

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 But what about rewarding early funnel influencers?

Although the last click CPA model is the most common payment model within the affiliate channel, we have learned it lacks flexibility when it comes to rewarding early funnel influence.

This case study exemplifies how the influence payment solution allows advertisers to maximize publisher engagement and build strategic publisher partnerships, while increasing traffic and revenue at the same time.


In combination with the standard payment model (CPS), a top fashion retailer utilized Awin’s Commission by Influence tool to engage with a highly relevant publisher to secure additional exposure and further optimize the partnership.


Working with a single publisher using the Commission by Influence tool generated huge growth for the fashion retailer.

Month over month results include:

  • Realized a $123 ROAS MoM
  • Clicks increased +593% MoM
  • Revenue increased +56% MoM
  • Sales increased +211% MoM


The retailer identified a leading publisher with highly relevant content and audience demographics and offered a flat payment of $1 for each sale the publisher influenced, but was ultimately not the last referrer. In exchange, the advertiser received increased exposure on the partner’s site which resulted in an uplift in traffic, sales, and revenue at a minimal cost.

Reviewing the success of the initial campaign has encouraged the retailer to establish an indefinite influence campaign, allowing them to build successful and lucrative partnerships.

Interested in learning more about Influence Payments? Contact your Account Representative to learn how you can utilize this tool.

Download the full PDF version below.