How to drive sales with influencers this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the perfect opportunity for brands to leverage influencers to drive sales.

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Last year, Mother’s Day spending reached an all-time high, with shoppers in spending an estimated $23.6 billion on gifts in the US – making Mother’s Day one of the biggest shopping holidays (and sales drivers) of the year.

Yet, with every retailer vying for these eager shoppers, it can be hard to stand out above the noise of the crowd. The spirit of Mother’s Day is about showing appreciation for loved ones through thoughtful gifts and meaningful experiences, which is why brands looking to drive sales this year should focus on weaving a story and experience around their product. The perfect way to do this is by using influencers to position product within the context of the influencers’ personal family experience. 

The best influencers for this job are ‘mom bloggers’ – an increasingly-growing niche that carries serious heft when it comes to producing actionable recommendations that their highly-engaged audiences rely on. Far from the traditional conception of the quaint, homely mom blogger, there is a new breed of fashion-blogger-turned-mom dominating Instagram feeds. These influencers chronicle their transition into motherhood while keeping their signature style and imagery. At their core, these bloggers focus on documenting and sharing their experience of motherhood, often to a loyal following of other mothers that look to them for inspiration, recommendations, and advice. That makes them the ideal brand ambassadors to champion a brand’s product, because they speak directly to a dedicated audience that has actively chosen to view – and value – their content.

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