Getting Started with Awin (Part 2)

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In the second part of our two-part series, we explore next steps to becoming a fully-fledged affiliate.

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Add relevant and appealing content

Within the interface, you’ll find all the tools needed to promote your chosen advertisers effectively – including promotional messaging, coupon codes, banners and creative.

Adding these tools to your website, along with informative content pieces or strong calls to action, can work to persuade a consumer to purchase through your site. Take advantage of seasonal focuses to tap into key customer behavior and maximize your sales potential.

Don’t get comfortable – continue to add links, content and products on a regular basis to keep consumers coming back. It’s important to remember not to try to push your consumers into purchasing; if you’re producing regular applicable content to an engaged and relevant audience, the more likely the users are to convert.

If additional help is needed, our account managers are always available to advise.


Keep in contact

As a new affiliate, it will take time to build up a group of affilate advertisers that want to work with you regularly. It’s important that advertisers and account managers are able to get in contact and find out more about you and your website. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and showcase what your website has to offer – shout about your USPs. Always try to respond to emails or phone calls, even if it’s an opportunity you can’t take part in. Awin is always happy to host a friendly face, so get in touch with our publisher management team and come in and say hello to our Advertiser Management team.

Within the Awin interface you can also use Opportunity Marketplace to showcase your promotional value and offer placement opportunities on your website to a wider audience – simply explain your opportunity, cost, timeframe and what sort of advertiser or sector this would be relevant for, and this will be uploaded to the Opportunity Marketplace for all advertisers to browse.  This can be anything, from a newsletter feature, to a blog post around specific products, to an appearance that you’d like to be sponsored.


Monitor your performance

The Awin interface offers a comprehensive range of reporting that allows each affiliate to fully understand the sales and commission they’re earning for any given time period. Make sure to monitor this on a regular basis to get a better understanding of what customers are buying through your website, and which advertisers are bringing you the highest converting traffic. This will help optimize your affiliate marketing potential, focusing on advertisers and products that are the best fit for your audience.

You can monitor a range of reports in the interface that will help you better understand your traffic – all of the reports are fully customizable by advertiser, date range, transaction or validation date and commission group:

  • Performance over time – this gives you a general view of total metrics per day, month or year across your advertisers
  • Commission group performance – this shows which types of sales are performing best for you.  These can be segmented differently depending on advertiser, so it’s important you look at these on a more granular level
  • Advertiser performance – this shows you overall performance per advertiser for a given time period
  • Product performance – here you can see which individual products you have sold and have resonated well with your audience (availability  dependent on individual advertiser program)

Make the most of network expertise

We’re always happy to hear from you. With a team of account managers ready to talk about any of our 6,000 brands and a dedicated publisher management team to offer advice on how to develop your business, please don’t hesitate to contact Awin with any questions.

You can also sign up to our strategy newsletter that highlights key network and affiliate marketing trends from the previous month, and our publisher newsletter that rounds up the best offers and incentives from advertisers across the network.

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