Gymshark: Growth through partnerships

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Founded in 2012, Gymshark is one of the world’s fastest growing retail brands and isn’t slowing down.

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With a number one slot in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, the brand recently hit the headlines in the UK as it is expected to drive £100m in turnover this year. 


Gymshark and Awin work together to reach 18-25 year olds using voucher platforms, student sites and blogs.

Using their affiliate programme, social media influencers are compensated based on their performance, where Gymshark can directly attribute sales to them. The brand sees the affiliate channel as a source of content driven marketing, with the aim of driving awareness, education, conversion and re-engagement. 


The key to the successful relationship between Gymshark and their partners is that they foster long-term relationships. A ‘one post, one payment’ model does not work for the brand. They work with partners to produce quality written content, showing them how to rank on search engines - they even have an academy to support new talent.

Gymshark offer uncapped payment on influence, a reward made to those who influenced a purchase journey, but were not the last click before a sale was made. They do not limit commission, and even offer partners their own range of products, because genuine authenticity is the key to success.


  • 80-90% of their influencer partners make a weekly commission
  • One influencer jumped from 13k to 170k followers in just three months with the support of the brand
  • Another influencer earnt $12K in five hours on her Gymshark launch day

Gymshark Head of Partnerships, Elliot Myers, says that ‘Awin has incredible knowledge, relationships and technology in affiliate marketing, while Gymshark is a global brand that needs an expert’s guidance to drive growth across all of the 151 markets we currently sell in. We’ve found benefits in the access to publishers, the ease of tracking and payments, as well as having a platform to do all the heavy lifting.’

To find out more about the Gymshark affiliate programme, click here. To learn about starting an affiliate programme with Awin, click here.


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