TOPSHOP target students to grow affiliate programme

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Global fashion retailer TOPSHOP base their primarily content lead affiliate marketing programme around innovative and influential partners.

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The brand is highly sought-after within the student market, a valuable segment to TOPSHOP thanks to their high Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

TOPSHOP’s goal is to become the number one fashion destination for all publishers and consumers within this demographic and have created a strategy to target the student market:

  • Acquire new (and retain existing) consumers with a high CLV within the student population by running a 20% student discount campaign, recognising that students represent a future customer and future affiliate partner.
  •  Educate and nurture relationships with the existing 41 active TOPSHOP affiliates in the student space by increasing channel revenue by 54% YoY.
  • Equip TOPSHOP affiliates within the student market with the tools they need to increase sales contribution by 39% across the programme.



Student database: The TOPSHOP team audited the programme, tagged all student publishers and surveyed them to collate term times, university locations and graduation plans. Additionally, Awin and TOPSHOP collected further information (location, age, graduation date) to form the basis of the campaign. A new section was added to TOPSHOP’s dedicated affiliate Hub, used by over 160 of the programme’s publishers, called The Student Union. This section of the site is filled with creative, offers and content accessible to only those selected for the campaign.

Inventive approach: TOPSHOP and Awin visited a UK university, introducing students to affiliate marketing and allowing face time between both TOPSHOP and brand ambassadors. They held an Influencer Insights session with 15 student bloggers at the retailer’s offices, during which TOPSHOP’s Industry Manager presented a video content guide via YouTube. Finally, Awin hosted a Beginners Blogger Workshop to get new affiliates started on the programme.  

Tracking creativity: Awin and TOPSHOP created a 12-month Roadmap, identifying key dates in the student calendar so student campaigns could be booked alongside BAU activity. They also created a student blogger exposure calendar to track activity and campaign reach, and finally student performance was added into TOPSHOP’s Awin reporting suite. Student-specific campaigns included A Happy Graduation, Student Personal Shopping and Top Tips for a University Night Out - a collaboration with JUST EAT.



Run the programme’s most successful 20% student discount campaign: Sales increased by 68% with traffic up by 21% resulting in a revenue increase of 81%.

Equip TOPSHOP affiliates within the student market with the tools they need to succeed: Sales increased by 110% accounting for 38% of the TOPSHOP affiliate programme compared to 34% in the previous year. Revenue subsequently increased by 279% making up 52% of the overall programme.

Educate and nurture relationships: Programme's revenue from student customers increased from 25% to 48% YoY. Programme traffic increased by 104.08% YoY and sales rose by 67%. Revenue acquired the largest increase, rising by 95% YoY.

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