Leveraging the urgency of Singles’ Day to influence consumer habits

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We examined Singles’ Day 2019 activity across Awin affiliate programs to uncover key insights into how this global shopping event impacts consumer behavior.

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China’s Singles’ Day has established itself as one of the most important global e-commerce shopping events. 2019 was once again a record-breaking shopping goldmine with almost $38.4bn spent by consumers via Alibaba alone, the event’s main architect and advocate.

What makes Singles’ Day so successful is it strikes the right balance between deep discounting, celebrity entertainment, and anticipation – with deals confined to the day itself (November 11). The resulting effect is highly-engaged and eager Chinese consumers quick to purchase, more so than on any other day of the year.

As such, it’s no wonder the event has transcended borders, with a growing number of brands keen to capitalize on this successful formula to reach consumers around the world for big revenue results. US retailers are no exception. 

Examining Singles’ Day 2019 activity across Awin’s health & beauty affiliate programs uncovered key insights into how this global shopping event impacts consumer purchasing behavior. 

The approach:

Awin secured strategic placements for health & beauty clients with top US publishers offering reach into a shopping-oriented audiences. Premium media exposure across publisher sites and marketing channels amplified limited-time deals messaging, incentivizing shoppers to convert quickly, driving substantial results and uplift.

  • Targeted demographics
  • Limited timeframe
  • Exclusive promotions

The results: 

Consumers are quick to spend and purchase more on Singles’ Day. These tactics employed by Awin support seeing increased basket sizes and conversion rates when comparing Singles’ Day results against the average for the preceding months.

  • +134% conversion rate
  • 24 minute click-to-sale time, a 93% decrease
  • +19% products per purchase
  • +31% revenue generated MoM

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