London Fashion Week: Tips To Get Your Invite

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London Fashion Week is one of the biggest dates in the calendar for the UK fashion industry.

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London fashion week affiliate marketing tips

As a matter of fact, fashionistas all over the world attend as a main fashion industry event twice a year. The event lasts approximately 7 days and runs in 4 locations, New York, London, Paris and Milan. These cities are the most renowned for fashion week with the fashion shows running in this order every season.

The nature of the event is industry focused and the attendees are always either buyers or press. Fashion shows are held in order to sell and promote new collections and this is why the two main categories of attendees – digital influencers and publishers, fall into the press group. They help promote the shows that they attend via their blogs and social media platforms with most of the shows also having a plethora of celebrities attending in order to raise the profile within media.

Most fashion bloggers and publishers aim to attend fashion week and in this post we wanted to share tips on how to get your hands on the ticket to attend shows in London. Starting with basics, you are not able to purchase tickets for the LFW or any fashion weeks for that matter.

So how do you get an invite to Fashion Week shows? Firstly, in order to request an invite, you will need to visit the British Fashion Council and apply for the press accreditation. The accreditation starts few months before the season kicks off and it’s your way into the fashion week shows. Once you meet the BFC accreditation requirements, they will review your application and either accept or decline it. As a blogger you need to have an existing platform that drives a good amount of traffic.

In order to get an invite, you will need to request it from brand PR representatives. The British Fashion Council will then send the show schedule and press contacts that you can reach out to and request your tickets. Once you have requested a ticket you can expect a yes or no, after all it’s a very popular event amongst fashionistas. It’s important to bear in mind that the request sent to PR teams for the tickets should be stating why you would want to attend the show and how they can benefit from your presence. Also, its recommended to include an example of site content and what exposure they can expect from you in return. You should also tell them about the amount of readers and followers your blog/site attracts or send them your media pack.

The first show of the day is often a morning slot around 9am – 10am and they keep going till 7pm – 8pm, resulting in full day of shows, presentations and meetings. In addition, there are various blogger events and parties to attend so it’s good to bear in mind that the day can be a long one but nonetheless very fun and productive.

Despite Fashion Week looking quite glamorous, it can be a lot of work – especially if you are wearing high heels thought the day and need to run in between the shows. The adrenaline on the other hand will make you forget about any discomfort that you are feeling and your new blogger friends will be on the same page.

Knowing that the British Fashion Council is recognising your contribution to the industry can feel very rewarding and it will make you feel that the hard work you put in pays off. More information can be found on British Councils website here.

In summary, LFW is a great event both for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can reach out to the influencers that are attending the show and offer to dress them in order to promote clothes and the latest lines. There are also opportunities to get featured in digital publications including Vogue during LFW as many photographers are on the hunt for Influencer styles to feature on their client’s website. It’s also a great opportunity to network and gain contacts within the industry and build working relationship.

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