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Awin and ShareASale bring you daily updates on coronavirus and how it is impacting the affiliate industry.

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On this page we'll be posting regularly with updates from the Awin Board, insights from the network's data, as well as offering businesses looking to partner with each other the chance to showcase themselves to the wider community and more. 

Trends and insights

In these exceptional times we're also seeing rapidly changing trends in e-commerce. As well as featuring insights from a variety of external sources, we've published a weekly tracker showing which verticals are performing well, and we'll expand on some of these data points in wider thought pieces in the coming weeks. 

Regular content

Keep an eye on our regular content, some of which will invariably include updates on  coronavirus. You can listen to our recent Awin Talks podcast where Lisa Richardson from Awin’s new business team discusses some of the consumer #trends we’ve seen on the network as a result of the disruptions caused from COVID-19. The podcast will fit perfectly within your lunch hour.

Futhermore, Rob Davinson of our global strategy team shared an Awin Thoughts piece that explains why he thinks affiliates and publishers are at the forefront of instilling trust in consumers against a barrage of fake news.

Finally, how about taking some time out of your day to read the Awin Report? The 2020 edition is a celebration of the past 20 years of affiliate marketing, with a retrospective considering where we've come from and a view on where we're heading. It's the ideal read to sporadically fill your downtime over the coming weeks.

With that said, continue reading Awin and ShareASale's daily coronavirus updates below... 

May 7

In our most recent Awin Thoughts, Kevin Edwards explores how the commission cuts from Amazon to its Associates program offer new opportunity for affiliate marketers. Our can read his analysis here.

May 6

To support publishers that have been impacted by the changes to the Amazon Associates program, Awin is now offering expedited onboarding onto its network. Learn more about our expediting onboarding here

Additionally, Awin's Global Strategy Director Kevin Edwards is sharing a weekly digest of interesting articles and insights we've found that explore the fallout from COVID-19. 

April 30

How should advertisers be marketing through social distancing? In our latest blog post, Awin UK Client Partnerships Director Rosalyn Berrisford shares how retailers can make the most of marketing activities during this crisis as consumer demand online soars. 

April 29

Publishers are flocking to affiliate marketing despite coronavirus wreaking havoc on retailers’ advertising plans. Kevin Edwards breaks down the trends we're seeing across our global networks and how publishers can quickly join Awin and ShareASale and start promoting affiliate programs today. 

April 27

How are North American affiliates adapting to coronavirus and helping brands connect with audiences? To find out how a selection of prominent affiliates on Awin and ShareASale are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic and helping brands and agencies still connect with audiences online to drive sales, Awin Content Analyst Rob Davinson hosts this special webinar.

April 24

In keeping with Awin’s goal to support partners and be as transparent as possible, we’ve launched a new dynamic product availability report that allows you to find alternative retailers for the products you’re promoting and quickly gather product links with affiliate tracking already applied.

April 22

Recently Gary Kibel, a partner with the law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP, hosted a webinar for Awin Group partners that explores numerous issues affecting our industry - including CARES ACT (PPP – Paycheck Protection Program), contracts and force majeure, labor/employment issues, work from home security concerns and more. In this session, Gary presents on this topic and then leads a conversation and Q&A with attendees. Watch the webinar now.

Furthermore, has working from home given 5G the boost it needs? Alex Parmar-Yee explores how the global lockdown and social distancing measures have created new customer behaviors, and how 5G might be the connectivity solution. Read his analysis here

April 17

With billions of people at home, e-commerce has taken on a new significance in consumers’ lives. But online shopping is not without its own physical footprint. Our latest Awin Thoughts article helps you to navigate the physical dilemmas during this time of crisis.

April 17

Earlier this week, Amazon announced plans to make drastic cuts to commission rates for affiliates, which see some product categories reduced by more than 50%. Awin and ShareASale have already felt the ripple effect of this, with publisher applications to our networks and individual merchant programs skyrocketing. Kevin Edwards chhated with Jeannine Crooks to get her take on Amazon’s announcement and how the Awin Group is readily available to assist Amazon affiliates now looking for a better home for their performance marketing activity. Read her interview here

April 15

We’d like to provide a space for Awin Group publishers looking to showcase their COVID-19 actions, events and opportunities to advertisers. In partnership with our global publisher management team, we've rolled out a global crisis initiatives board. Publishers simply need to submit the details of their initiatives here to be featured on a virtual bulletin board. This is accessible only by Awin and ShareASale advertisers and account managers.  

April 8

Today, we released our COVID-19 US business information hub, which complies a list of the many online resouces available for our US partners as they navigate the dilemmas they my face because of coronavirus. You can view the full list of resources on this page

April 7

Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketing recently hosted an affiliate marketing optimization tactics webinar for Awin Group partners. In this hour-long session available to our advertisers, agencies and publishers, Rachel discussed the ways in which our clients could grow their performance marketing revenue and successfully supplement their business income with just Facebook. We rounded up our top five takeaways to better support our clients affiliate marketing efforts, now during the COVID-19 crisis and in the longer term. Read the recap here

April 2

Last week, Awin Global Strategy Director Kevin Edwards discussed the disruption coronavirus has created to the consumer landscape, explaining to retailers ways in which they can navigate this new reality. Read the analysis here

April 1

Today we  launched a few new pieces of content and information. Our performance tracker report looks at each of the markets the Awin Group operates in and allows you to filter by sales, commissions and revenues to track week on week performance, as well as monthly and yearly comparisons. We've broken the data down by top level sectors and then more granular verticals.

We're also reaching out to the publisher community to assess the impact the virus is having on their businesses. Led by our global publisher team, we'd love to get your feedback here.

March 31

Today we launched our celebration of Awin and ShareASale's coronavirus champions. Featuring a selection of advertisers and publishers  who are going above and beyond, we want to shine a light on those businesses who are doing 'good' in the current crisis.

Read more on our Champions here, and follow the page as we add more companies over the coming weeks.

New statement from the Board

Today Awin's Board has issued a statement on the current situation and how we're committed to supporting the wider affiliate community.

In case you've missed other content we've published recently, you can see our initial network statement here.

March 25

These are really tricky times for thousands of businesses operating in the affiliate space and ensuring information is as forthcoming as it can be in a rapidly changing environment is vital. As such, we wanted to spotlight our Awin and ShareASale merchants that can help enhance the time our publishers and consumers are spending at home, with a special edition of Awin's Advertiser Cheat Sheet and ShareASale's Must-Have Merchants. 

Keep in touch

With people self isolating it's easy to feel disconnected from the outside world. We want to hear from you about how you're tackling the boredom, as well as tips for the wider affiliate community and examples of how you're supporting either brands or publishers with their affiliate efforts. Email us if there's anything you'd like to tell the wider performance marketing world.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit our information hub where we bring you the latest news from Awin, as well as links to network insights and useful pointers, alongside wider updates.  

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