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Welcome to the future of our industry.

We asked experts from across Awin’s business to highlight key themes and topics they see being crucial to the industry’s future. Here you’ll learn more about these and why they’re important.

Redesigning our channel
for small businesses

There is a surging appetite for partner marketing in the micro-SME and startup space right now. These small businesses will supply the next generation of brands and affiliate partnerships can fuel their growth. But to do so it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, says Awin UK Business Development Director Michelle O'Sullivan.

The death of the
physical/digital silo?

The global lockdown’s closing of physical stores will place new emphasis on retailers’ need to merge their marketing measurement. That means we may be on the verge of true omnichannel attribution for the very first time, suggests SingleView Founder Mark Kuhillow.

Why affiliate’s adaptive model means it will thrive in the new normal

Our UK Strategy Director James Bentley provides a compelling argument for why the affiliate channel’s flexible heritage makes it a marketing model fit for a world prone to change and constant disruption.

Outsourcing innovation
can keep you one step ahead

Access to cutting-edge martech solutions has never been easier, thanks to a network’s ability to house them within their own software stack. For Paul Stewart, Awin’s Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, this approach points the way forward for staying ahead of the pack when it comes to digital marketing innovation.

App tracking advantages make its adoption a must in 2021

With over $120b spent via apps in 2020, app tracking is no longer a nice-to-have for affiliate programs. It’s a must. Clementyne Lavender - Awin’s specialist in this field - describes the scope of the opportunity here and why all parties stand to benefit.

Global partner prospects for 2021

From neobank unicorns and card-linking tech partners to sustainability reward apps and content monetization platforms, our handpicked shortlist of partners to watch in 2021 ranges across sectors, markets and modes. They share a common zeal for innovation and we’re excited to tell you more about them.

Revitalizing industry standards
is a benefit to all

This year promises to be a busy one for our industry with growing interest and increased investment. But it’s vital we not let our standards slip in the process. Dawn Quigg, who spearheaded the launch of Awin UK's Gold Standard to reward the very best program setups, explains why these efforts are integral to our industry’s long-term success.

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