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The Awin Group releases its annual seasonal calendar for 2020 covering internal, industry and seasonal events.

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The start of a year brings new events and networking opportunities for marketers. But first there tends to be a few chaotic weeks of trying to determine what important industry conferences and events to plan for over the next 12 months. That’s why each year we compile our seasonal calendar, providing an overview of the years’ events, seasonal holidays and industry conferences to ensure our partners start the year prepared.  

Click here to download our US 2020 Seasonal Calendar. 

This calendar includes:  

Awin Group events  

2019 saw us host a variety of Awin events like educational training seminars, partnership days, networking and social events as well as our hosted Awin conferences. Last year was unique in that we introduced our signature thought leadership event ThinkTank in territories outside of the US for the first time, debuting in London and Brazil.  

Of course, our ThinkTank events will continue globally in 2020 in London, Brazil, Germany and the US, with this year’s Awin + ShareASale ThinkTank taking place on May 13-15, 2020, in Chicago. You can visit our ThinkTank US website to learn about the conference, how to apply, sponsor, and more.  

Sponsorships and industry events 

We have included all events we will be sponsoring and attending in 2020, allowing you to have your finger on the pulse and visibility of where and when to connect with an Awin and ShareASale team member. 

This year, Awin and ShareASale are returning to Affiliate Summit events, happily serving as global sponsor of ASW again. These conferences are the largest performance marketing events in the world, with attendance from all the top companies and key decision makers in the affiliate marketing industry.  

National seasonal events and promotions 

Last but by no means least, we’ve listed national holidays and any seasonal events so you have a full overview of the year in one place. We include details of upcoming newsletters where we push promotions and incentives during these periods, so you can proactively prepare your seasonal campaigns with the Awin Group.   

If you’d like to know more about any of the US events we will be hosting or attending during 2020, get incontactwith our marketing team. For any inquiries about our global events, including access to our global events calendar, get in contact with our global events team. 

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