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With May being National Arthritis Awareness Month, US publisher Sharecare discusses how supporting the cause drives sales for brand partners.

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Why and when was your company created?

Sharecare was started in 2010 by Jeff Arnold, founder of WebMD, as a global population health company to provide consumers with the most comprehensive wellness platform to more effectively manage their wellbeing, while offering health brands compelling ways to engage with target audiences.

How does your company differentiate itself from competitors in the affiliate space?

Advertisers can leverage Sharecare's first-party data to reach the right consumers and drive actions through targeted programs with proven performance​. All of Sharecare's data is first-party - users have volunteered this information to us.  We like to call it a 'Comprehensive Health Profile.'  It’s definitive because it is self-reported and timely as we are capturing most of this data through our Real Time Profiling Engine, in addition to constantly scrubbing our data to ensure it is up to date. It is 100% opted-in and verified by third-party sources - we know these people are who they say they are.  This all makes for very granular, detailed data.  ​

Why is important to have a month dedicated to arthritis awareness?

At Sharecare, we believe this is essential to elevate education of the disease. It also empowers those suffering with the insights to better manage their condition, know the key things to talk to their doctor about, find treatment and provide a sense of support for arthritis patients so that they know they aren’t alone.

 What kind of resources does Sharecare offer for people struggling with arthritis?

We provide patients and caregivers with many resources to help navigate their health journey as well as manage their everyday. Sharecare’s Disease Education Centers feature medically-reviewed expert insights and can be enhanced with interactive tools such as doctor discussion guides and virtual chatbots to help patients in real time. From Ask the Experts, Real Patient Roundtables, My Stories, and Mediation for Arthritis content, Sharecare’s robust video platform features several franchises addressing arthritis from both the doctor and patient point of view.

What percent of your audience has self-identified as suffering from arthritis?

Sharecare has over 10.2 million self-identified arthritis sufferers, 79% women and 21% men, with an average age of 57. Furthermore, we're more likely  to have arthritis patients than competitive sites like WebMD, Healthline, Everyday Health and Verywell Health. 

What are the main benefits to advertisers partnered with Sharecare during National Arthritis Awareness Month and beyond? 

  • Scale​
    2,000,000+ leads per month generated for our clients​
    10K - 15K+ qualified new registrants profiled daily as potential leads
  • Targeting​
    First-party, self-identified audiences​
    Ability to hyper target health and condition info seekers
  • Quality
    Third-party verification via Experian, Infutor, and BriteVerify​
    Third-party diagnosed/treating averages over 70%* (Crossix)
  • Efficiency​
    Competitive pricing – pay only per qualified lead​
    Full PII Data Pass

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