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Awin's Shopify App allows seamless technical integration

Access and connect with over 241,000 active affiliate partners to drive incremental traffic to your e-commerce store. Awin allows you to track, manage, report and pay based on performance for referring customer sales or leads in one easy-to-use platform.

This unrivalled Shopify App facilitates direct communication with affiliate partners (also known as publishers, i.e. websites, tech solutions, influencers and bloggers) that are already signed up and in our database. Within minutes they can be enabled to promote your business.


To support the Shopify community, our entry-level solution pricing for startups and small enterprises is as follows:

  • $550 set up fee
  • $150 bond prior to launch to be used only in the event of an ACH debit payment failure (this is fully refundable and subject to any deductions required upon account closure)
  • No monthly fee for the 1st month (thereafter $35 per month)
  • Awin network fee is 20% of the validated commission amount*
*As a working example, if your commission rate for a publisher is 10% and the transaction was $100 this would mean $10 is paid to the publisher and $2 is paid to Awin.
Awin has a selection of service levels and solutions to suit different sized business requirements. The pricing shown here is for our Awin Access entry-level tier, exclusively for startups and micro-SMEs. To check if you qualify for this rate, please complete the contact form below. You will then receive a notification that will include a link to the full application form and a guide on the next steps or be guided to a suitable alternative option for you.

Full access to Awin's Publisher Directory so you can find powerful partners from across the globe

Share promotions, offers and product feeds with partners to help them sell specific products and services

Share your logos, banners and your creative inventory with partners to help them convert their users

Cutting-edge tracking technology and reporting suite for clear visibility and sales data you can trust

Everything you need to get started and find success with affiliate marketing in one powerful plugin

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