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✓ You have a transactional website
✓ You need partners to promote your brand
✓ You need account management

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We create trusted partnerships that drive growth

A global affiliate marketing network with access to over 241,000 active publishers


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Our platform empowers advertisers to grow their businesses online

We offer powerful tools and technology to optimize your affiliate partnerships. With an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of simple yet effective tools and features, and a full reporting suite, the trusted Awin platform is designed to aid any marketing team. Monitor your campaigns, optimize performance and reveal powerful insights with real-time tracking and reporting.

We offer unparalleled reach to trusted partners using a low-risk commercial model

Working with over 241,000 active publishers globally on a cost per acquisition or cost per lead basis, Awin offers brands access to trusted partners and drive sales in over 180 territories to grow your business, only paying a commission when a sale is made. Form new partnerships through the affiliate marketing model and grow your company with minimal risk.

Expert account management supporting our advertisers and trusted affiliate partners

Our expert account management teams are immersed in the local industry and can provide unparalleled insights, support and recommendations to grow and mature an affiliate program on the Awin network. Our account management teams offer guidance, strategic planning and reporting assistance on a day-to-day basis.

Get in touch with our commercial team and find out how to get started on the Awin network by filling in your details below:

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“Strong account management leads to good strategy, and having the proper tools and team synergies to implement that strategy is the key to success. We continue to partner with Awin because of their technology and the ability to solve unique problems. Some of our favorite features of the Awin platform includes influence metrics and coupon attribution. This technology allows advertisers to see how many sales a publisher ‘influenced,’ meaning they may not have been the final converting click but they were touched at some point in the user journey. This gives us a much more holistic view when it comes to measuring the value of publishers. No two orders are the same, and it’s sometimes difficult to determine who actually influenced a sale. This tool clears some of the murkiness in those waters.”